Owner and principal photographer, Nathaniel Gray's life has been dedicated to helping others find their strength through the art of storytelling and photography. "I believe that everyone has a powerful story and those stories may help to save someone's life. My goal is to help tear down discrimination by letting people see directly into others' lives and experiences they may have issues with. It is hard to judge someone when you know their story and the truth."

For years, Nathaniel has personally interviewed and photographed hundreds of people from all walks of life to work towards his goal of togetherness. "I want the Hope Project to be a place where everyone can participate in the wellbeing of humankind. Personally, I am tired of reading and seeing horrible things in the media. Yes, some of the stories in the Hope Project are raw and some can be shocking or sad, but even those stories will inspire you. I am happy to have created a place where everyone can read real stories and feel motivated to change the world. That is why I named it the Hope Project - to show people that hope and kindness are stronger than anger and selfishness."

If you are interested in participating in the Hope Project, please fill out a form HERE.